Take Heed – Jeremiah Burroughs

Genuine lasting, contentment seems to elude me – some days more than others.  Much like the goo that I played with as a kid, just when I think I’ve got a decent grasp, it slips through my fingers.  Hmm, maybe that’s a part of the problem.  Maybe I’m trying to hard to hold onto something that wasn’t meant to be held onto.  Perhaps I am actually meant to be held by the God of contentment?  (That is something to contemplate later though.)

As for today though, God has me in a place where contentment is a moment-by-moment choice.  Reading the Word and allowing it to change me as well as hearing-out other writers and people He has placed in my life to instill wisdom has greatly helped me in this season.  Here is a quote that has challenged me today.

Oh, take heed you do not speak in a scornful way of the ways of God; grace has the power to turn afflictions into mercies.  Two men may have the same affliction; to one it shall be as gall and wormwood, yet it shall be wine and honey and delightfulness and joy and advantage and riches to the other.  This is the mystery of contentment, not so much by removing the evil, as by metamorphosing the evil, by changing the evil into good.

Jeremiah Burroughs – The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment