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Renewed Appetite

Don’t you just love when you ask God to change you in a specific way and then He does!?!  It shouldn’t amaze me that He answers my prayers – but it does.  He is the Almighty, Creator of the universe, High Priest, King of Kings, Savior.  Yet He condescends to enter into my every day.  He painstakingly takes steps to woo my heart back to Him.

In answer to my desire to learn to fully trust Him as Lord of my life, I have been subject to innumerable sermons, articles and Scripture passages reminding me that the only way to truly know God is through the Bible.  This is how He has chosen to reveal Himself most fully to us.

Although there was a 3-year span when I had all but quit reading my Bible,  to God’s glory, that has not been so for most of the years that I have been saved.  That being said, God is honoring my desire and has begun to whet my appetite even more for reading the Word.  Some day I hope to echo Job 23:12b,

I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my portion of food.

Lord God – Thank You for the work You are doing in me!  Please continue to renew my love for your Word and my desire to know and trust You more fully.  Daily I am an great need to being made new and that can only come through the work of the Holy Spirit applying the Word like a salve to my soul – healing the cancerous tumors of sin that still grow within me.  Only You, the Great Physician, can work this miracle.

I would love for you to share some of your story.  What has God been working on in your life/heart?  What Scripture passages are you currently reading/working through?  What are you currently burdened for?  Do you have anything that you would like additional prayer for?


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