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Thankful To Be An American

Memorial Day – a day to remember those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom to do whatever it is that we are doing today.  Growing up, the full meaning of this day was not driven home to me.  I’m sure that they taught us in school why we were getting the day off, but in my family (like most), it was a day to simply have fun.  My challenge today is that while we are having our picnics, playing games outside, swimming, etc., that we will take time to reflect on two priceless gifts.

First, for the opportunity to live in a country where we are free.  As an American, whether native born or adopted in, you are free to worship as you please (or not), have as many or few children as you desire, work in a profession of your choosing, marry the person you love, own your own home.  In short, the limits to your freedom, for the most part, are those set by your own imagination and those set by the government to protect other citizens and yourself.

The other, and far greater, gift is the one that Jesus Christ paid with His life for our eternal freedom.  In His sovereignty, God has given us freedoms that, most likely, we haven’t fully realized or taken advantage of.  Just the very fact that you can pray, worship, talk about  Jehovah God in public is something wonderful to be thankful for.  Fully enjoy today, breathe deeply the life He has graciously supplied.

I realize that not all who read this post are believers.  That does not negate the the price has been paid for your freedom, you have just chosen not to accept the gift.  Folks in that group are like people who live in another country.  It’s not as if the free country doesn’t exist, it’s that they are choosing to stay in their native country rather than move to the new country.  Much like a person from Kenya, Mexico or Poland have to chose to leave the country they were born into and pledge allegiance to their new country, so an unredeemed person must exchange their sinful, unholy life for the sinless, holy sacrifice of Christ.

Many years ago I was in a church service where the video of “What Did He Die For?” by Twila Paris was played.  There are very few Memorial or Veteran’s Days that I don’t think about this song and all that has been given so that I can simply live.  I hope it impacts you as much as it has me.  Have a wonder-full day!


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